Lose your lunch on the Belmont Park roller coaster, watch an elephant take a dirt bath, learn from Nadal and Djokovic, check out some taco shops, drop in on a wedding, hike in the Eastern Sierras, lipsync to the Kinks … HERE!

Eat pie, virtually wipeout, discover Mel Allen, follow ducks waddling to car horns, play on a minor league LL team, join Lou’s accordion fan club … HERE!

Sail on a tall ship on the Big Bay, survive a Grand Prairie windstorm, land a jet on a rainy day, throw a gutter ball, learn how to make tacos, dive for sardines, send a rocket to the moon …HERE!


Lou Fanucchi performing La Campanella

War on Court #6, Peninsula Tennis Club, at Robb Field in Ocean Beach, San Diego