OK class, let’s start by pronouncing the name of the lesson correctly.

It’s called mathematics. You say it, mathematics. Not matematics, mathematics.

Put your tongue between your teeth and exhale (exhalar) Say that, therefore, thing, those, think, those, them, path and mathematics.

Let’s continue. Let’s start with some simple addition (suma):

What is two plus two (dos más dos)? Four

What is two plus one? Three

What is three plus one? Four

OK, from now on you answer this way: Three plus one equals four.

Say equals. Say four. Lower teeth on the lip (labia) and exhale. Four.

Say five.

Now for some subtraction…

What’s seven minus one? Did you say six? Or did you say, “Seven minus one is six.”

How bout seven minus four? Seven minus four is three.

Let’s continue with multiplication. Say it, multiplication.

What is three times three (tres por tres) ? Three times three is nine.

Three times four? Three times four is twelve. Say twelve. It’s like saying four, huh.

Say victory. Say view. Envelope. Live. Twelve.

What’s five multiplied by five? Five multiplied by five is twenty five. Whoa, that’s a mouthful (that’s an expression, meaning, it’s difficult to say).

OK, lastly, let’s practice some division (dividir).

Eight devided (dividido) by two is what? Eight divided by two is four.

Fifteen divided by three equals what? Fifteen divided by three equals five.

What is thirty-three divided by three? Thirty three divided by three is eleven. Say eleven.

To finish today’s class, let’s practice pronouncing some numbers:

55…73…44…305…1,455…1,735,809 That one million, seven hundred and thirty five thousand, eight hundred and nine.

That may be just about as many times you have to practice prounouncing your numbers, so get started.barcloaf1-1

1. math