Listen to Podcasts

Learning English online, or by listening to or subscribing (suscribir) to podcasts

To help with reading comprehension: Google Translate

Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet (programas de audio). However, you don’t have to listen to podcasts only on iPods; if you can play music on your computer you will be able to listen to podcasts (usted podrá escuchar en su computadora).

On the Internet there are many websites that produce podcasts. And most are free! (gratis)

For example, one that impressed me is produced by a website named You can go to this address and search for the ESL podcast, or you can type in the following:–Learn-English-Podcast/28294#plink

This particular one produces 5-minute programs that are interesting and fun to listen to (interesante y divertido de escuchar). Besides learning some new words you’ll discover something new (usted descubrirá algo nuevo).

Another is, a fun way to learn new expressions in English. Find it here:

If you have regular access to a computer (acceso a una computadora), but you don’t have the time to sit and listen (no tiene tiempo para sentarse y escuchar), then a good idea is to purchase an iPod and download (transfer/descargar o transferir) the electronic file to your iPod and listen whenever you want (y cada vez que desee escuchar). (Get a connection wire at RadioShack, and you may be able to plug it into your car radio.)

Here’s how it works (aquí es como funciona):

(11.  On Google, search (buscar) “Learning English,” then check out the websites to see if one interests you.

(22.  If the website produces a podcast, there will be a button that says “Subscribe” (hay un botón que dice…). Click on it. (Although you don’t need an iPod to listen to podcasts; in fact, all you need is a computer.)

(33.  You only need to subscribe to any given podcast once; after that, new issues will automatically be downloaded to your computer (transfieren automáticamente a su computadora).

(44.  Many podcasts can be found on iTunes. You may need to download the program to your computer. To do so, go to

(55. Connect your iPod to your computer by USB.

(66. Drag the podcast to your iPod.

(77.  Eject the iPod from your computer and enjoy!

(88. If you need more directions/info, you can find it here: